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How do we invest?

The 200 M PLN that the fund has to invest is fully owned by the bank and is to be used for both, minority and majority investments, on market terms. The fund provides also for the possibility of joint investment with other investors.

The fund is managed by a team with experience in Private Equity, Venture Capital, digital media, transaction advisory, insurance companies and banks. The investment process is based on venture capital standards, using the closed-end investment fund structure with an investment committee, which makes its decisions based on a detailed due diligence carried out by the best advisers on the market. Because the fund is entirely based on capital provided by one investor, the investment process is one of the shortest on the market.

The areas of fund's interest include: fintech, insurtech, regtech, eCommerce, modern payment systems, financing of consumer purchases and SME activity, IT systems, internet advertising, artificial intelligence, cyber security, blockchain technologies, systems supporting the functioning of SMEs and large enterprises, and other new technologies.

The fund invests mainly in companies from the Polish and CEE markets, as well as in other Western European and American companies.


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