Who we are

Let’s Fintech with PKO Bank Polski is a startup partnership programme. We're looking for fintech companies ready to pilot their solution and develop their business in partnership with our bank.

We recruit startups in an open application process, and offer 3 consecutive, but independent cooperation models: 1) Proof of Concept (POC), 2) commercial implementation, and 3) equity investment. We approach each cooperation on a case by case basis – once we decide we want to partner with you, you’ll get assigned to a dedicated project team and together we’ll decide on a scope and model of your solution’s implementation in the bank.

Are you interested in leveraging our test environment and your company offers an MVP of its' solution? Apply and let’s fintech!


Cooperation models


Commercial cooperation

CVC investment

If your solution requires business or technology verification, we will help you test it, with support from our experts and use of our infrastructure.

If your solution is ready to be released on the market, we will help you in identifying business owner within the bank and going through the purchasing process.

If you're looking for an investment, our CVC team is ready to support you with capital.


Why US?

zapewniamy skalę
płacimy za POC
 know how

We provide scale

We pay for POC

We share our know-how

We are one of the largest financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe – we provide scale of 9M clients, 2,5M mobile clients, over 1K Bank branches and 8M bank cards.

We understand your needs and we co-finance verification of your business and technology.

Over 30 experts in the field of financial technologies, blochckain based solutions and API, will support you in diving into the banking world and developing and scaling your business.


zapewniamy skalę
płacimy za POC
 know how

We provide access to data and API Sandbox

We provide lab branches to test your solution

We build Your credibility

Cooperation with us provides you with access to our tech sandbox and full package of API services – you can use the data and the services to develop your solution.

We will provide you with possibility to test your solution and technology in dedicated lab bank branches – you can verify how bank clients react to it and how it improves the processes.

With us you will confirm your credibility and will pave your way to finding new clients.


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for startups that offer an MVP of their solution, generate sales or are scaling their business, and operate in the following areas.

zapewniamy skalę
płacimy za POC
 know how

Digital banking

Customer engagement

Data & analytics

  • Mobile apps and web services
  • RPA & digitalisation of processes
  • Payments
  • Capital markets and currency trading
  • Managing company’s and personal finance
  • Insurtech
  • Lending & financing
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Client onboarding optimisation
  • New means of client communication
  • Omni-channel customer engagement
  • New branch experience
  • Solutions changing perception of the brand and products
  • Data modeling and predictive analytics
  • Database Integration/consolidation solutions
  • Risk monitoring/credit scoring
  • Artificial intelligence (e.g. chatbots NLP)
zapewniamy skalę
płacimy za POC
 know how


Open banking

Security & data protection

  • Smart contracts
  • Tokenization
  • ICO
  • Authentication
  • Crypto currencies
  • Open API
  • Third party providers for extended banking value chains
  • Value-added services
  • Biometrics, customer authentication & digital ID
  • Cybersecurity
  • Anti-Money Laundering & KYC solutions
  • eDocument solutions/OCR


Cooperation process

Submitting your application via our website is the first step to start cooperation with the bank. You will hear back from us within a month – if we are interested in your solution, you’ll be invited to the bank for a meeting. Once we verify, that there is a potential business case, we’ll identify the business owner in the bank, decide on cooperation model and start our cooperation. Regardless the business cooperation, your application might be reviewed by our CVC team, that may also consider investment in your company.

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