What can I gain from will participation in Sandbox Blockchain?

bank group

Benefits for entrepreneurs on the blockchain market

Lower barriers for entering the market
Possibility of prototyping solutions without the necessity of incurring costs of own infrastructure
Expert support
Support of technological and business experts in tests of solution on Sandbox Blockchain
No fees
Sandbox users do not incur any costs related to the use of the platform
Business partnership
Possibility of establishing business cooperation with the PKO Bank Polski Group in the Let's Fintech programme

What does the process of application and participation consist in?

What does the process of application and participation consist in?
Send an application
File an application via a form on our website
Do you fulfil the requirements?
If we see a potential in your solution, we will arrange a meeting
Welcome to Sandbox Blockchain
If you have been successfully evaluated, you will be given access data to Sandbox
Time for test
You will have up to 6 months to test the solution - we will agree on the details individually
Next steps
After the tests, you can continue developing your product/ service and if we make relevant arrangements, you also stand a chance for implementation in the bank

What do I have to know about Sandbox Blockchain?

Who can become a user of Sandbox Blockchain?

Why is it worthwhile to be a user of Sandbox via PKO Bank Polski?

Are the programmes “Let’s Fintech with PKO Bank Polski” and „Sandbox Blockchain” the same thing?

What areas related to blockchain technology are interesting from the perspective of the „Let's Fintech with PKO Bank Polski” programme?

How can one become a Sandbox user?

Which technological criteria should a project fulfil in order to be positively assessed?

Is the use of Sandbox related to any fees?

When starting the cooperation, do we keep the rights to our solutions?

Are there any other solutions similar to Sandbox Blockchain on the market?