So far, the Bank has initiated cooperation with over 30 startups. Currently we are running 8 new implementation projects with startups, within Let’s Fintech with PKO Bank Polski program. Below you can find few examples of how the Bank works with startups.

ic solutions

Innovations in bank branches

Together with IC Solutions we have implemented data digitalization system in the bank's branches. The system enables immediate recording of the written text in electronic form. IC Solutions provided us with hardware - IC Pens, and software for the automatic digitization of paper documents. The solution speeds up the customer service time in branches and reduces the amount of paper used.


coinfirm - logo 

Blockchain technology in the Bank

Together with Coinfirm, we implement blockchain technology in the bank - thanks to the Trudatum platform, which is implemented jointly with the startup, our clients, with a use of blockchain technology, will be able to authenticate documents, such as regulations, tariffs of fees and commissions, made available to them by the bank. This way, the bank addresses the challenge of providing a "durable medium" in an electronic form of contact with Customers. More about Blockchain at the Bank.

nu delta

New feature in mobile application

Thanks to cooperation with nuDelta users of the bank's mobile application - IKO, can scan invoices and automatically complete transfer data. Startup, together with the bank, used OCR technology and self-learning algorithms to allow contextual recognition of data on the document, and introduced a solution to the bank's mobile application in the white label model.

tutorial online - logo

Improving employee onboarding

Together with Tutorial Online, we have implemented a tool for training customer advisers in selected bank branches - a virtual employee who guides employees through banking systems step by step, in order to support them in completing the process (e.g. opening bank account) more efficiently. Thanks to cooperation with a startup, we increase quality and shorten customer service time in branches.

emplocity - logo

Artificial Intelligence in the recruitment process

In cooperation with Emplocity, a Polish startup, we have launched a new tool using Artificial Intelligence to the recruitment process. Candidates, who are willing to use our chatbot, will be automatically profiled and referred to a proper ongoing recruitment process, according to their preferences. The solution has been developed for large organizations that are carrying out a number of recruitment processes at the same time.


emplocity - logo

Banking with a smile

Together with a startup Quantum.CX we have equipped selected bank branches with a technology enabling recognition of human emotions, in particular smiles. By creating a habit of smiling among our employees we improve quality of the service, and each smile of our clients is turned into a small amount of money, donated by the bank to a selected charity.



emplocity - logo

Lawyer at your fingertips

E-lawyer is a one of digital tools from our added services ecosystem, available at the web banking platform iPKO and dedicated to our SME clients. The solution has been provided in cooperation with a startup TuPrawnik and it allows for our clients to easily find a lawyer, who will provide a legal advice for an upfront established price – client receives legal service from experts with best aligned skills and can choose the one, that meets their needs best.



emplocity - logo

Chatbot at your service

Together with a startup Chatbotize we build chatbots that suport our internal communication – Snowbot and Let’s Bot are the first “virtual assistants” who could support our employees. Chatbotize is also a company behind a development of a chatbot – startup assistant, who, at Let’s Fintech website, responds to enquires and questions of companies interested in cooperation with the bank.